Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rick's B Day dinner

Yesterday was Rick's birthday, and for dinner, I decided to do pork chops.  Rick is a bigger pork chop fan than I am which may explain why we don't have them that often.  Publix had them on sale which also helped with the decision.  I got the ones that had the bone were about an inch thick.  Even though it's a week night, we decided to grill them.  Thanks to my handy-dandy grilling app on my iPhone, they turned out perfectly.  I swear that is the best $1.99 I've spent in my life!!  Everything turns out so much better than if I'm guesstimating how long to grill things.  

Anyway, for their preparation, I marinaded them in low sodium Teriyaki sauce for about an hour.  I also marinaded a chopped green pepper, zucchini, and half of a sweet onion in the sauce (in another container of course).  Normally, I would make the marinade myself, but it was a week night which means less time.  It was starting to get dark (dern you shorter days!) when we made it out to the grill, but they turned out great!  In order to keep them from drying out (my huge fear when it comes to cooking pork), I basted the pork with the sauce that was in the bottom of the veggie bowl.

I was a bad girlfriend, though because I opted for one of those store bought cookies that I wrote "Happy Birthday, Rick" on instead of baking anything, but we all know that I'm not a baker and again, it was a week night!!!  We're gonna be heading to Awendaw to See Wee for dinner this weekend, too.  Yum!!!!


  1. Nice! I am checking out that iphone app. Enjoy SeeWee! That place is delicious!

  2. I'm not the best fryer in the world so we go there for dried seafood! Gonna have to do extra Turbo Jam workouts this week for that one! LOL!

    Here's a link to the app, and it's only 99 cents!! :)


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